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PRICE: $800
GENDER: male
AGE: 10 weeks,
AVAILABLE: Ready for new home right now.
BREED: German Shepherd Puppy
Shipping area: Worldwide
What’s included: Registered/preregister, Current vaccinations, Veterinarian examination, Health guarantee


Oh my goodness! take a look at this little guy with his gorgeous brown,white and black coat.  Lovely Jim, prim and proper! This baby deserves nothing short of royal treatment.He has that baby doll face, a personality that will keep you smiling and gorgeous! Very healthy and has a great nurtured lovie personality. Very unique and gorgeous look I have fallen head over heels and I am sure you will too.he is a true little sweetie and loves to lay on his back in your lap and play patty cakes with his paw.


What about prey drive?

German Shepherds do have high prey drives, but the good news is that with correct training and management, a GSD can be taught not to “chase” anything unless it is a ball or object that has been thrown for them. With this said, they are known to have other “drives” which includes the following:

  • Defence drive – this is very strong in German Shepherds which is why they have always been highly regarded as watch dogs
  • Rank drive – a German Shepherd needs to know their place in the “pack” because they have a very high rank drive and if allowed, a GSD would quickly take on the role of alpha dog in a household
  • Pack drive – GSDs have a high pack drive which is why they hate it so much when they find themselves on their own

What about playfulness?

German Shepherds have a playful side to their natures and enjoy playing interactive games. The excel at many canine sports and thoroughly enjoy taking part in training sessions and competitions. The thing to bear in mind that with dogs like the GSD, it’s important to differentiate between a dog being playful and when they are asserting their dominance which is something to be avoided at all costs.

What about adaptability?

German Shepherds are better suited to households with largish back gardens. They do not adapt that well to living in an apartment. The reason being that GSDs need the room to express themselves and a good back yard to stretch their legs in whenever they can.

What about separation anxiety?

German Shepherd Dogs thrive on human company and are never happy when left on their own even for shorter periods of time. If a GSD is left alone, they suffer separation anxiety which would result in excessive barking and being destructive around the house. When dogs are destructive, it is their way of relieving the stress they experience at being alone.

What about excessive barking?

German Shepherds are intelligent and can be taught not to bark unnecessarily. However, if a dog is unhappy for whatever reason and this includes because they are left on their own for too long, then a GSD could well start barking incessantly because they are stressed out and are trying to get attention. With this said, GSDs are good watchdogs and will bark if there are strangers about or if something they don’t like is going on in their environment.

Do German Shepherds like water?

German Shepherd Dogs do like water and enjoy swimming, but it’s not a good idea to let a dog swim in a pool because of all the chemicals that are used in them. Care should always be taken when a GSD is taken for a walk anywhere near a dangerous water course just in case they decide to leap in.

Are German Shepherds good watchdogs?

German Shepherd Dogs make excellent watchdogs because the need to “protect” is a trait that is deeply embedded in their psyche and why the breed has always been such a highly regarded guard dog throughout the world.

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